Why Beer Training ?

Craft beer and cider are experiencing unprecedented growth in Ireland. NOFFLA are spearheading an exciting and innovative new Craft Beer and Cider Training Programme.
This training programme is designed specifically for people working in the retail licenced trade in Ireland. It will provide front-line retail staff and retail managers with the skills and knowledge to position their business as an authoritative destination for craft beer and cider consumers in Ireland.

NOFFLA approached Dean McGuinness @beermessiah from Premier International Beers to develop a multi-level craft beer and cider training programme.

Dean McGuinness is Ireland’s foremost authority on craft beer – a qualified Beer Sommelier, a beer importer who has worked with the world’s leading brewers of premium and craft beer, and craft beer and brewer with 15 years experience trained in the Siebel Institute in Chicago (the oldest brewing school in the U.S), Dean has been talking about craft beer on Irish media for over a decade.

With his team (which includes more than 25% of Ireland’s Beer Sommeliers), they are perfectly positioned to deliver a training programme that will meet the needs of people seeking to understand craft beer and cider and to explain beers and ciders to their customers.

This Training Programme is divided into two levels –

Level One (Introduction to Craft Beer Styles)

A 3 1/2 hour training programme and tasting designed for the person who is seeking an introduction to craft beer. It does not assume that the trainee has prior knowledge of craft beer. it works as a stand-alone training programme, or as an introduction to Level Two.

Level Two (Foundations in Craft Beer and Cider)

An in-depth, two-day foundation in craft beer and cider. Completing Level One is not a requirement to attend Level Two. However, Level Two assumes that the attendee has a basic knowledge of craft beer, and is in a position to benefit from a training course that will cover many styles and concepts related to beer flavour in an intensive two-day schedule.