Beer Heaven / NOFFLA Craft Beer and Cider Module Level Two – Foundations in Craft Beer and Cider

An in-depth, two-day foundation in craft beer and cider. Completing Level One is not a requirement to attend Level Two. However, Level Two assumes that the attendee has a basic knowledge of craft beer, and is in a position to benefit from a training course that will cover many styles and concepts related to beer flavour in an intensive two-day schedule.

Outline –

  • 2-Day Training Course
  • 9am to 6pm (approx. 7hrs training per day)
  • Tutored Tasting of over 30 Beers and Ciders

Course Materials –

  • Beer Heaven Training Folder containing printed course material handouts
  • Copy of Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher (text book for training course)
  • Beer Heaven Systematic Approach to Tasting Beer sheet

Course Content –

  • Introduction to Craft Beer and Cider in a Retail Context – how to apply this training in a retail environment
  • Systematic Approach to Tasting Beer and Understanding Beer Flavour –
    • The course develops the trainees flavour vocabulary, and teaches (through practical tasting) how to apply this vocabulary to beers tasted.
  • Understanding Human Perception of Flavour – how do we register flavour in beer – and developing these skills
  • Understanding the Contribution of the Brewing Process and Brewing Ingredients to Flavour in Beer –
    • Grains, Hops, Yeast, Water and Special Ingredients
    • Steps in the Brewing Process, their relevance to Beer Styles, and their Impact on Flavour.
  • Beer Qualities, Flavour and Beer Styles –
    • Beer Colour; Foam/Head; Alcohol Content; Beer Clarity/Haze; Beer Carbonation
    • Beer Freshness and Beer Aging
  • Beer Heritage and Origins of Beer Styles –
    • A review of the influence of key cultures on the development of beer styles – England, Germany/ Continental Europe, Belgium and the United States
  • Introduction to Spiked Beer / Specific Beer Flavours
  • Understanding Craft Cider and the Cider-Making Process
  • Understanding Beer Qualifications Available

Exam –

  • Included as part of Level Two
  • Scheduled within one month of the Level 2 training course
  • 50 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 2 Essay Questions
  • Tasting Exam – 8 beers

On successfully passing the Level Two exam related to this training course, the participant will be awarded a NOffLA / Beer Heaven Diploma in Craft Beer and Cider