Training Level 1

Beer Heaven / NOFFLA Craft Beer & Cider Module Level One – Introduction to Craft Beer Diversity

A 3 1/2 hour training programme and tasting designed for the person who is seeking an introduction to craft beer. It does not assume that the trainee has prior knowledge of craft beer. it works as a stand-alone training programme, or as an introduction to Level Two.

Outline –

  • 3½ hour Training Session
  • Tutored Tasting of 7 – 9 Beers

Course Materials –

  • Printed course material handouts
  • 100+ page booklet outlining details on 100+ beer styles

Course Content –

  • Understanding Beer Style Families
  • Structured Approach to Tasting Beer –
    • Beer Presentation
    • Beer Flavour
    • Beer Tasting Techniques
  • Common Mistakes in Craft Beer (and how to avoid them)
  • Overview of the Brewing Process
  • Overview of Beer Ingredients
  • Provenance and Its Relevance to Craft Beer

Following successful completion of the training course, all attendees will be awarded a NOffLA / Beer Heaven Certificate in Craft Beer Styles